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Our Mission

The goal of Raising the Standard Ministries is to go beyond the common urge for punitive redress and look toward repairing the damage that dysfunctional families and abusive relationships have produced. These very important statistics are where we as taxpayers and concerned citizens should take note. As seen, in the following profile, the typical inmate has been raised in environments lacking moral values and principles. This has impeded the natural maturity of this population and caused the crime rate in our state to rise. If no one takes the initiative to arbitrate, these numbers will continue to grow. The typical inmate profile is:


2/3 are functionally illiterate; abused; 40% cannot calculate purchases; below average education; limited religious background; below average intelligence; product of broken homes; feel hopeless about the future and feel helpless to change.


At least 75% of the women behind bars are mothers with (nationwide) 175,000 plus children being under the age of 16. These children are currently being handled in two ways: one is to be cared for by other family members, usually grandparents; the other is state supervision. These children, coupled with poverty and in most cases poor supervision, are at risk to follow the parental model of becoming incarcerated (79%). These staggering statistics have motivated Raising The Standard Ministries to establish and operate a full-service agency, specializing in meeting the needs of female ex-offenders.

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