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Ambassador House I 
A healthy "Transitional Home" that will nurture, love, empower, and assist female ex-offenders transitioning back into society; to become productive after release.

Ambassador House II 
A "Transitional Home" for female ex-offenders, and their children; providing the opportunity to rebuild family relationships as well as making a new start in society.

The Lighthouse 
An safe, loving environment and "Transitional Home" for the children of female offenders to grow in while their mothers are waiting to be released from prison.

Rapha House 
These facilities will be transitional apartments for the female ex-offender and her family. 
The goal of these facilities is to rebuild families through old-fashioned values and timely, relevant ways to resolve current issues and concerns as well as teach that a strong foundation based on Jesus Christ is essential for a happy, successful family.

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