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Vision: Our vision at The Secret Place Community Church is to meet with God to fellowship and commune with Him through an act of relationship that is demonstrated in love and action. 


To bring the body of Christ to a true - life experience which promotes transformation. 

To bring the body of Christ forward into a place of family, destiny and change.

Mission: To impact the community | Support to Single-Parent Families | Provisions for Orphans and Widows


To Prepare the next generation through Mentorship, Discipleship of Children/Youth and Young Adults

To equip & Develop the Body of Christ

The Secret Place Community Church endeavors to train and develop 21st century leaders around the world to be effective in their respective ministries in order to advance the Kingdom of God and take dominion in the earth. It is critical for leadership to be strategically equipped in order to be effective and have impact in their sphere of influence; to give birth to the true mark of discipleship by bearing in their heart the pure genuine love of Christ that is without an agenda.


The Secret Place Community Church is a powerful expression of the heart of the Father in the 21st century. It is the essence of the Secret Place Community Church to teach the body to be true worshippers; to express the new creation as a creature and identity in Christ-dancing as the warrior  bride, praising and worshipping at the feet of Jesus; dwelling in the earth as the sons of God standing fully matured; to proclaim the spiritual beauty and identity of the church as she is abundantly adorned through her intimate relationship with Christ. As the Watchmen on the Wall, we aggressively pursue times of radical holiness and passionate fervor for the presence of God by entering into intense praise and worship in order to draw near to the heart of the Father.


The Secret Place Community Church wields prayer and worship as the weapons of warfare to cast down demonic powers over the communities, cities and nations. We are mighty warriors in the Kingdom of God standing as true warriors strategically advancing in battle; to thrive in the intensity of conflict and danger and are not easily discouraged and moved but rather come alive to stand as a new creation, the warrior Bride of Christ, and watchmen on the wall!

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