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Calling All Men

Let God Unlock Your Hidden Potential


A CALL TO ALL MEN take our God given place as mighty warriors; Tapping into the hope of glory God has placed into each and every one of us.


A CALL TO ALL MEN use the talents and gifts God has provided us.


 Band around our families, step out into the earth and be strong in all other arenas in our lives, work, community and financial growth. Be a living example of what a godly man is to our families, neighbors, communities, district, state, and our nation by letting God use us to show Himself strong in us, through us, and for us.



Equip men to rise to God's standards:

Become the head of the family through education, submission, and prayer.



Provide a safe and healthy environment for change:

Meet those in crisis and demonstrate forgiveness and love of the Father Walk with each one until Christ is formed in them.

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