"Connecting teens to Christ, Community and Culture"



 Connect teens’ hearts to the heart of God and build community leaders through discipleship and mentoring.



To empower young adults with the tools to build a personal relationship with God, teach life skills, and encourage them to establish goals which produce brighter futures.



 To provide a venue for inner city youth to have a safe and healthy environment to grow spiritually.


1915 N. Martin Luther King Blvd

Oklahoma City, Ok 73111


(405)427-4322, ext. 3

The Secret Place Community Church @ The Pavilion Global Center

2611 N. Martin Luther King Ave OKC, OK 73111

The Bridge Impact Center

1915 N. Martin Luther King Ave OKC, OK 73111

 Number: (405) 427-4322

fax Number: (405) 427-4322 

EmailAddress: thesecretplaceokc@gmail.com

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